Every gamer at the beginning stage wants to play like a pro player and wants to get professional. Not only do you need strong abilities. But the equipment you utilize is also highly vital in helping you play like a pro. The latest games come with advanced development such as adding the 3D sound effect, and now you can cope-up with these effects with the SteelSeries ARCTIS 9X WIRELESS.

The headset of the SteelSeries ARCTIS 9X WIRELESS is developed by the award-winning headset line makers in gaming history.  The SteelSeries Arctis 9X offers solid sound quality for both music and gaming as well as a premium aluminum design. A noise-canceling microphone, and an easy Xbox gaming setup. The SteelSeries is better built, more stable, and has a more high-quality sound profile.

Their boom mic also delivers better overall performance, This SteelSeries ARCTIS 9X WIRELESS headset seamlessly combines integrated Xbox Wireless and Bluetooth functionality, just direct connect to your Xbox like a wireless controller and start gaming in seconds. On-ear ChatMix lets your talk to teammates mid-game without pausing the action. And with a chipset designed and optimized for ultra-low power consumption, the battery stays charged for hours of play. 


Bluetooth Enabled: Yes

Height: 1.83

Weight: 1.01

Length: 6.3

Width: 6.23

Brand Name: SteelSeries

Built-In Microphone: Yes


Integrated Xbox Wireless: This feature allows you to connect the headphones to your Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One just like a wireless controller. And you start gaming in just a few seconds without any efforts

BLUETOOTH WIRELESS: You can easily connect with Bluetooth and the Xbox to mix in music and attend calls while playing games, and use the headphone wirelessly on the go with your mobile phone.

AWARD-WINNING SOUND: The headset has award-winning sound quality. The signature soundscape of Arctis emphasizes subtle, yet critical sounds to give you an audio advantage.

ClearCast Microphone: The arctis clear cast microphone design as bidirectional, the same design is used by aircraft carrier deck crews, which offers superior noise cancellation so that your friends hear your voice clearly.

On-Ear CHATMIX: this feature allows you to dial in the perfect balance of the game chat audio from the headset while playing the game without pausing. 

AIRWEAVE EAR CUSHIONS: The ear cushion of the device is inspired by the athlete performance fabric AirWeave ear cushion that keeps your ear cool and dry.

SKI GOGGLE HEADBAND: SteelSeries ARCTIS 9X WIRELESS  headband has elastic fiber that perfectly contours across your entire head, which equally distributes the weight and eliminates the pressure points. 

WINDOWS SONIC: Immerse yourself in the native 3D spatial audio included on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10.

DURABLE STEEL HEADBAND: SteelSeries ARCTIS 9X WIRELESS  Premium lightweight steel headband construction for building quality you can feel.

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