It’s just not about being loud that makes gaming speakers truly fantastic; they must be able to transport you into a different world as well with their range and depth. Each sound must add to the tapestry of your experience, whether you are playing the role of a soldier dodging shells or a horror movie spectator holding your breath. There is no way ordinary speakers can provide this kind of exception. This is where RAZER NOMMO PRO GAMING SPEAKERS come into play.


  • Brand name: Razor
  • Product Height: 7.5
  • Product Length: 15.5
  • Product Weight: 17.72
  • Product Width: 11.67
  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Mobile application available
  • Bluetooth and USB connections are available
  • A subwoofer that fires downward
  • A full-range gaming speaker that is THX Certified
  • Control pod with illuminated buttons for quick access
  • Technology that provides virtual surround sound aka Dolby Virtual Speaker

To begin with, it has a stylish design. With matte black finishes the RGB lights that are not too flashy and not too loud, both satellite and subwoofers present a gamers’ look that’s both subtle and stylish. As a non-portable speaker system, they are very light and do not take up much space.

The satellite features a 3-inch Dupont Kevlar-coated paper driver, as well as silk dome tweeters to produce more detailed high notes. Additionally, they feature RGB lighting that can be highly customized with software and an app, ensuring stability and sound integrity. For a deeper mid-low range of sound, Razer says the driver’s rubber lining is also enhanced.


  • Easy to install
  • Well-built design
  • Wide sound stages
  • Illuminated control pods


  • A bit pricey

Software For Razer Speakers:

Razer Synapse Software can also be downloaded. Even though it is only compatible with Windows OS. When connected through USB, it does offer a variety of customization options.

The Software allows you to control RGB lighting (including THX and Dolby presets for games, movies and music) and sound (including volume and bass controls). The virtual surround sound feature can also be enabled by selecting your input source.

There is another app called Nommo Pro which is equally powerful and is available for both Android and iOS devices. While it doesn’t offer as many settings as Razer Synapse software, it does most of what Razer Synapse can do.

For example, lightning settings are not as detailed or precise as those in the software. In addition, you can control it from across the room, thanks to its simple UI. They are the best Computer Speakers With Good Bass.

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