Atrix 4K/8K Ultra High-Speed Braided Nylon 10-ft HDMI Cable

It is certified as Atrix 4K/8K Ultra High-Speed Braided Nylon 10-ft HDMI Cable and supports a staggering 4k 120Hz refresh rate, optimizing the output of consoles and PCs for enhanced gaming experiences. High-performance gaming and flawless video are made possible by this cable, which transmits data at 48 GB per second and supports 8K resolution.

This 10-foot HDMI cable is suitable for in-wall installation because of its size and braided design, making it easy to reach from your console, receiver, or another HDMI-compatible device to the TV. It is very important to ensure that both the input and output devices you are using have HDMI 2.1 ports, in order for HDMI 2.1 to output 4k 120Hz.

Key Specifications:

  • Brand Name: Atrix
  • Sleek Design
  • Product Height: 1.58
  • Product Length: 5.7
  • Product Weight: 0.46
  • Product Width: 4.33
  • Cord Length: 10ft
  • Performance Supports 4K
  • HDMI to HDMI Connection only
  • Cable length of 10 feet (3 meters)
  • Connecting  HDMI Ethernet to Computer
  • Capable of supporting 120Hz, 45GBps, and 4k data transmission
  • It is an Ultra High-Speed HDMI Cable 48gbps


  • 10-ft length
  • Easy Pairing
  • Heavy duty cable
  • Fast Data Transfer


  •  A bit more pricey than the others.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is 4K/8K HDMI worth the money?

8K’s higher resolution and approach rate require a bigger amount of data than 4K, and since a cable transmission capacity manages how much data the link can move, HDMI 2.1 opens the choke. Bragging speeds up to 48Gbps, 8K links convey data at over two times the speed of 4K cables, which move data up to 18.2Gbps.

Will 8K HDMI work on 1080P television?

The 10-foot HDMI cable flaunts 8K resolution at 60 Hz, alongside similarities with 4K and 2K, and 1080P goals. The gold-plated connectors give fast transfer speed to astounding video and sound quality. 

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