Now is the time to further improve your gaming skills and make your gaming more comfortable with ANDASEAT PHANTOM 3 GAMING CHAIR.  Man cannot change according to the environment but the environment can change according to man.

So if you have decided to modify your environment according to you then you find the perfect product for your gaming studio. ANDASEAT PHANTOM 3 GAMING CHAIR not only bring you comfort but also enhance the look of your studio. Its BLACK colour makes your studio more attractive and alluring. So with ANDASEAT PHANTOM 3 GAMING CHAIR you are completely ready to fight your battles comfortably.



The design of ANDASEAT PHANTOM 3  offers you a huge range of recline. The back of the ANDASEAT PHANTOM 3 GAMING CHAIR can be adjusted from 90 degrees all the way down to 160 degrees. This adjustable feature helps to reduce not only the stress on the spine but also reduces the risk of back pain.

MagClapTM Easy Assembling System:

Unlike the other gaming chairs, ANDASEAT PHANTOM 3 has unique and special modular MagClap designs that make assembling easier. It does not require a bunch of people or any professional for assembling only one person is enough to finish the whole assembly with ease.

Just slide the backrest into the seat base then clamp the magnetic side covers on both sides and in just very few minutes your gaming chair is completely ready to fight more battles with you.


The overall shape of this luxurious gaming chair also contributes to its ergonomic design. The design helps you to align your spine properly. It contours your lumber spine shape with a thick density one-piece large lumbar pillow and support your back properly for a long time sitting. It also has a headrest pillow which supports your neck to avoid the fatigue of your neck muscle for long sitting both pillows are removable according to the requirement of the users.


The chair has the firm and comfortable cushions that you need for back support during short and long gaming sessions. The lumbar support and the neck pillow are very soft and made of velvety material 


Its highly smooth wheel contributes to the mobile feature of the chair


The ANDASEAT PHANTOM 3 GAMING CHAIR design contributes to a long-lasting experience for the user. It has hard-wearing foam. The material used in the chair is PVC leather. The AD plus PVC leather is used in the high-end ANDASEAT CHAIRS. Offering smooth bonded PVC leather which is scratch and stain resisted.

The chair is made with the total comfort of the human mind. The chair is not only easy to clean but also maintains its shape efficiently to the last. A healthy type of material is used without any smell or harmful substance. High strength. Integrated steel framework.

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